Board of Directors

HOA business is overseen by an elected board of volunteers from the community. You can reach any board member by e-mail; by contacting the HOA’s business management company, Barnds Brothers by phone (913-897-2340); or in writing. All mailed correspondence should be addressed to: 

Bedford Downs Homes Association
P.O. Box 26385
Overland Park, KS 66225

When and where are the Board meetings held?
The Board generally meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Monday monthly in the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church. Residents are invited to attend; however, contact Lisa at Barnds Brothers to confirm the next meeting dates.

I want to help
Contact the board by e-mail or by phone (913-897-2340). Visit the Resident Portal online for full details about the committees and what they do.

Where can I find home improvement forms or other HOA documents?
When the HOA is notified of new residents, a welcome packet is delivered to their home. The packet includes all of the HOA documents residents usually need. The documents are also available online to download.

I have a complaint; who do I talk to?
Any concerns may be discussed with board members. You may contact Lisa at Barnds Brothers or e-mail the board president. The board will address your concerns within HOA guidelines. Vandalism and property damage are a police matter and you should also contact  the police department. Complaints about another resident’s lawn or possible code violations may be discussed with a board member or you may contact the City of Overland Park

Where is our community swimming pool and when is it open?
The pool is located just off of Rosehill Road on 119th Terrace. The pool is open generally from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

What school district are we in?
Olathe Unified School District. Pleasant Ridge Elementary (897-7595) serves grades K-6; California Trail Junior High (780-7220) serves grades 7-9; and Olathe East High School (780-7120) serves grades 10-12.

When can I have a garage sale?
Normally twice each year, in the spring and in the fall, the HOA organizes a neighborhood-wide garage sale weekend. 2022 will offer three dates. The HOA notifies residents of upcoming sales through signs placed at the community entrances and on the online. 2022 Garage Sale Dates

  • Spring – April 28th, 29th, & 30th
  • Summer – July 28th, 29th & 30th
  • Fall – Sept. 29th, 30th, & October 1st

When is garbage pick-up day?
Constable Sanitation picks up waste on Friday. Place appropriate packaged refuse by the curbside no later than 7 a.m. If a holiday falls on normal pick-up day, service resumes the next day. Click here for a complete holiday schedule.

Where is the closest off-leash dog park?
Stoll Park has a spacious, fenced-in dog park located to the left as you enter the park from the 119th Street entrance (12500 W. 119th St.)

I’m new to the neighborhood; do I need to contact the HOA?
First off, Welcome! Secondly, not necessarily. Our management company will be notified you have moved in. They, in turn, will contact our official neighborhood greeter, who will stop by your home with a Welcome Packet. The packet includes the HOA document package and instructions for access to the Resident Portal where all documents are also available online. Or save the wait – e-mail us.

Does the HOA sponsor any social events?
Yes! Depending on volunteer availability, we try to plan several events every year. The best place to get the news about upcoming events is on our Calendar

Are there special rules about treat or tricking in the neighborhood?
Nothing special other than common sense. Don’t go to dark houses; cross at street corners, send kids out in groups and don’t eat uninspected treats. Mostly, have fun!

I didn’t get my question answered
E-mail us and we’ll get your question answered or log into the Resident Portal for more information.